Cable Television, High-Speed Internet


Cable Television, High-Speed Internet
Date: September 2, 2016


Romar House Association has entered into service agreements for cable television for all 132 units since the inception of Romar House in 1984. A bulk rate is preferable over individual rates. Basic cable bulk service has been provided and paid in monthly association dues payments. Upgraded cable services have been available at the expense of the unit owner. Internet and telephone services have been negotiated separately by individual owners.

The current five (5) year agreement with Mediacom expires on October 31, 2016.
The Romar House Board established an ad-hoc committee to undertake the process of defining the service requirements, interviewing four (4) providers, and negotiating the business terms of an agreement. The committee members are: Louis Olinde (chairman), Matt Saurage and Arnold Maynard.
The leading factors considered by the committee when selecting a provider were: a) scope of high-definition cable channels, b) quality and speed of internet service, c) experience of neighboring properties with speed of customer service, installation, reliability, transmission and data speed, and price.


In May the committee and Romar House management contacted available providers and requested proposals for consideration. The providers were given detailed information about the property and invited to make presentations to the Committee via phone teleconferences. The presentations were comprehensive and specific with regards to pricing, infrastructure investment, service standards, timelines, hardware requirements, testimonials, etc. The proposals were reviewed and interviews were held on May 6, 2016, with each of the four providers: Harbor Communications, Mediacom, CenturyLink, and Secure Vision.

Following the presentations, the Committee identified the Centurylink proposal as preferred. Further research and diligence occurred through August and included one-on-one phone calls, interviews with customer properties, lengthy discussion of each proposal, and financial analysis.


At the end of the diligence period, the committee and Romar House Board voted unanimously to focus all efforts to negotiate final terms with CenturyLink.

CenturyLink Proposal Overview:
– verify and/or upgrade infrastructure (cabling, wiring, connections) of all units
– install a broadband internet router in each unit; located in the broom closet
– provide four (4) set-top boxes in each unit (no charge)
– provide Prism Channel package (Essentials) of 150 channels; Over 80 available in HD; Features include Multi View (4 channels in 1 screen), Find it fast Navigation (interactive channel
guide), Last 5 (one button to access the last 5 channels viewed), and Warp Speed Channel Change (No lag time)
– provide high-speed internet at 32 (min) to 40 (max)

Agreement Terms:
– $57.95 monthly per unit for CATV/Internet svc
– Telephone will be optional at a cost to be quoted in the near future.
– Term is 7 yrs.
– Individual unit Owners can upgrade their video and broadband services