Romar House Association Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2015

Pat King | 19 Feb, 2015

Romar House Association Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2015

Minutes Romar House Association Board Meeting
February 19, 2015

Board Members Present:

Mike Sparkman, Arnold Maynard, Earl Aycock, Ed Brasch, Gary Booth, Ed Roland

Board Members Absent:

Leon Ashford

Others Present:

Wanda Grabert, Eric Bunting

Mike Sparkman, President, called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM

Approval of Minutes for December 18, 2014 (approved by e-mail and posted on website)

General Managers Report:

It is with regret to deliver the message that Kathy Hummel is retiring after 11 years. It is a great loss to Romar House Association. We wish her the very best in making this life decision. Kathy has been extremely helpful with her people skills at the front desk, and the owners and tenants will miss her radiant smile and personality.

It is good to get into the New Year 2015! While we have had a few cold spells, but the snowbirds can attest that it is much better here than “up north”! We have more units this year than before occupied by winter guests.

The bookings for 2015 are already at 49% of what was generated in 2014. Usually, we are at 50% by May 1st.

Nine units listed for sale:

903A $419,000.00
1102A $549,000.00
304B $437,000.00
406A $439,000.00
702B $459,000.00
803B $425,000.00
1101B $525,000.00
1105B $499,000.00
1106B $579,000.00

Respectfully submitted,
Wanda Grabert, General Manager

Maintenance Manager’s Report

Exterior restoration:
The exterior restoration is going well. C-Sharpe is a little behind schedule due to rainy days and the holidays.

Clubhouse ceiling repair:
I have three bids to repair and paint the clubhouse ceiling. It was damaged due to a leak at upper windows. Leak has been repaired, best bid is $3,250.00

Pool heater:
I have three bids on the replacement of the pool heater. Because it is for commercial use, I can only get one year warranty parts and labor.
Best price $4,051.38

Elevator hoist way painting:
Bagby has given us the best price of $27,016.00. The tracks and rails are getting in bad shape, this is overdue.

Driveway repairs, seal coating and striping:
I have bids on repairs around drain inlets, crack filling, seal coating and re-striping. Best price $ 15,569.50

Clubhouse ceiling, _____________________
Pool heater, _____________________
Elevator hoist way painting, _____________
Driveway seal coating, _________________

The Board voted to repair the clubhouse ceiling, replace the pool heater, and paint the elevator hoist ways. They agreed to reconsider the resurfacing and restriping of the parking lot after these three items are complete. The Board agreed to leave the new maintenance storage shed “as is” at present.

Eric Bunting

Committee Reports:

Maintenance Committee-Chairman, Arnold Maynard

Arnold called attention to a $7,500 budget item that was originally scheduled in 2014 for the repair of the garbage chutes. The job was not completed and billed until January 2015 and is now 2015 expenditure.

Landscape Committee – Chairman, Mike Sparkman

1. Irises have been cut back.

2. Oleander has been pruned.

3. New pine straw has been installed at the entrance.

4. South side irises will be cut back when painters finish that area.

Mike Sparkman

Finance Committee—Chairman, Gary Booth

Gary went over line items that were over and under through January. He explained that most were expected due to items that are billed and paid the first of each year such as pest control. Maintenance is”over” due to the $7,500.00 for the trash chute repairs. The maintenance reserve account has been reduced considerably due to the painting contract. There is a current remaining balance of $1,749,817.00.

Legal, Personnel, and Insurance Committee-Ed Brasch

Ed reported that there were no issues needing consideration except for the hiring of someone to replace Kathy Hummel. He explained that this process was underway and there should be a replacement soon.

Rental Committee:

Earl reported that he felt that a meeting should be scheduled to determine if Romar House rental rates were competitive with the prevailing market.

Old Business:

As a result of the totals rendered by the pool survey ballots, the Board made the decision that there was not enough interest shown to pursue the possibilities of the installation of an indoor pool.

The Board voted to move the annual meeting forward to the third Saturday in April as allowed by the by-laws. They agreed to the proposal of a resolution to change the by-laws for the annual meeting to be held each year the third Saturday in April. The vote on the resolution will be held at the annual meeting in April.

Meeting was adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,
Wanda Grabert